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** Kmax 194/168 N4(X)Tra White! [Bright!] #9915
** KMAX  194/168 N4(X)tra white! [BRIGHT!] KMAX 194/168

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194/168 bulb, sold in pairs, SUPER INTENSE white light without any yellow hue. A brighter, clearly bulb. Sold in pairs. (X)tra white light! Cheaper when you buy more. MADE IN JAPAN

** KMAX XENON 3022 (1031) T3 12V FOR DOMELIGHT FESTOON BULB #10002 (more) $2.95
** 194 BULB IN LED STYLE ** WHITE ** (LED!) [PAIR] #9921 (more) $6.95

Super intense 194 wedge bulbs. Sold in pairs. Bright light without any yellow hue.

For interior map lights, door entry lights, etc. Good for remote control car use only, anything 12 volts

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** KMAX 194/168 N4(X)tra white! [BRIGHT!] 3.95

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