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Connect an Ipod, XM tuner or a regular RCA auxiliary input jack to your GM vehicle. Direct control, direct non modulated sound through your factory radio.

Compatible with:
Cobalt 2005-2006
Malibu / Malibu MAXX 2004-2007
Pontiac G6 2005-2007

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Detailed Description

  • Finally, we provide an interface to your factory radio which is customized to the devices you need.
    Default is a custom iPod adapter which gives you a direct connection into your factory with direct sound and control.
  • Direct connection to your factory radio, clear unmodulated sound.
  • Charges ipod when connected
  • Optional is a 2 line LCD display which can show text information for radios which do not have the capability to show text on the radio display.
  • At the same time, you can add options such as a regular aux cable or XM tuner. We will provide all the options you need in one package, so you pay for only the options you need.

    This interface allows you to connect
    - XM TUNER via TERK XMD1000
    - Ipod via direct connection
    - RCA input

When the XIA interface is installed, the radio will see the interface as a cd changer. It is highly recommended to get the OPTIONAL XIA-LCD display to get the most out of your Ipod or XM (see optional drop down menu). If there is a factory cd changer already in the vehicle that is not an in dash (internal), the cd changer will have to be disconnected. Internal (inside radio) cd changers are not affected and remain operational.

Installation note: After installation the radio must be turned on and off at least 3 times, pausing 6 seconds in between. This will synchronize with the external equipment such as the ipod or xm tuner.

Compatible with:

Oem radio must be XM ready or have CD changer controls. If the vehicle is equipped with an in dash 6 disc radio, the radio must have a BAND button to be compatible

GM Models:

Cobalt 2005-2006
Malibu / Malibu MAXX 2004-2005
Pontiac G6 2005-2006



You can order this converter in multiple configurations. Please select the option that will suit your needs. You need to SELECT the correct option from the
DROP DOWN MENU shown above. We will include the necessary cables with your configured option
  Auxiliary only Auxiliary RCA input only (one pair of RCAs)
  Ipod only

Ipod only, will plug into interface and then a long 6 foot cable goes to bottom of your Ipod

  XM only XM cable for XMD tuner. Please note: a TERK XMD1000 xm tuner is required to complete the package and is not included. The Terk XMD1000 tuner will also have the antenna. You can buy the TERK XMD1000 tuner in the RELATED ACCESSORIES area.
  Ipod and Auxiliary Ipod cable and Auxiliary RCA
  XM and Auxiliary XM cable for XMD tuner and Auxiliary RCA (Terk XMD1000 tuner is required and not included)

An optional 2 line display with controls is optional. Select from the drop down menu.
Select ADD OPTIONAL display and we will add the 2 line display.

  More info on optional 2 line display  

Some factory radios CANNOT display text information from your ipod. We offer this OPTIONAL display to be used with our XIA line of ipod interfaces to give you a 2 line display AND more advanced music search options. Unique product on the market not only gives you greater control and more information (that you can use) and provides you the most value retaining your factory radio.

The XIA-LCD is used to display information for XM Satellite and Ipod such as song title and artist, in vehicles that do not have a radio display screen built in. For the iPod, the unit provides an additional feature of BROWSING through the playlists, artists, albums and genre. Operating instructions are included.

The XIA LCD connects to the XIA interface (ask us) to provide a visual display of information from the iPod or XM Satellite tuner whichever is the active device at the moment.

The display mounts on the vehicle dashboard with several strips of adhesive tape located on the rear of the unit. The LCD comes with a 4 pin DIN connector for mating to the XIA interface. The cable is approximately 6 ft in length.

The LCD display provides 2 lines of information containing 16 characters per line. Typically, the top line is used to display the song title and the second line is for the Artists name. The unit is powered and controlled by the XiA Interface. The backlighting on the display is turned on by the application software and remains on until satellite or ipod mode is no longer selected or power is disconnected when the vehicle is turned off.

Four buttons on the unit provide control signals to the XIA interface - Channel / Track Up/ Channel Track / Down, Enter and Escape. In satellite tuner mode the ENTER and ESCAPE buttons are not used.

Operation in SATELLITE mode. The LCD display unit shows information from the XIA interface that is operating in the SATELLITE TUNER MODE. The up and down arrows are used to select the next and previous channel station. As the buttons are pushed and the XM receiver performs the change, new information from the receiver is sent to the display unit. This could be station name, song title and artist.

Operation in IPOD MODE. The display unit shows information received from the XIA unit that is operating in this mode. In the Ipod mode, the up and down arrow buttons are used for scrolling through information in ipod memory. New information from the ipod is sent to the display unit each time the arrow buttons are pushed. As an added feature, a browse mode can be also performed with the LCD display.

Using ENT and ESC buttons, the user can enter and exist browse mode. The up and down scroll buttons are used to scroll through information in the various catefories. For example, pressing ESC button enters the browse mode. The up and down scroll button searches the information in the category. The ENT button is used to activate the selection chosen from scrolling the information. When in the BROWSE mode, the ESC button cab be pressed at any time to go to the previous category or to exit the browse mode completely. It should be noted that when the ipod is working with the XIA interface, the controls on the face of the ipod are disabled until it is connected from the cable connecting it to the XIA interface.

Allows greater control over your ipod or xm satellite radio by giving you two lines of display and more advanced music search options. Perfect for radios that do not display text.

Requires one of our XIA line of Auxiliary ipod interfaces.

(controls will vary with each vehicle model and radio model). The radio will not have every button described below but the definition of the buttons displayed on the radio will still be valid.

1. Select the ipod by pressing the band button until ipod comes up
2. Seek up and Seek down will track up or down within a playlist. At the end of the playlist, the track will start for the beginning
3. Preset recall 1-4 these keys will allow you to browse through the ipod through a variety of browse options
A: Preset recall 1 is the browse up key
B: Preset recall 2 is the browse down key
C. Preset recall 3 is the browse enter key
D. Preset recall 4 is the escape key

To start the browse feature press the preset recall 4 button, at this point press recall 1 or 2 to display browse options (for example playlists, artists, songs, genres) one at a time. Each time the preset recall 1 or 2 is pressed a different browse option is displayed. Once a browse option is desired press the recall 3 button to lock

4. Preset recall 5 will select and deselect the random mode
5. Preset recall 6 will toggle between the factory installed FM TUNER (if equipped) and the interface. A 30 AMP SPDT relay is required
6. Scan will play 10 seconds of each track
7. Display button changes what is on display. The options are artist, track name, or album. Press and hold the display button to lock in current mode
8. Tune/Display knob will track up or down when turned .

1. Select XM by pressing the BAND button until the XM1 comes up
2. Seek up and seek down will go to the next or previous channel
3. Preset set 1-6 will allow you to preset satellite stations into the memory of the radio. Just go to the station you would like to stored and press the PRESET number you want it to stored in
4. Pressing the BAND button once again will access XM2 which will allow another 6 presets
5. Scan will go to the next station every 10 seconds until the button is pressed again
6. Display button changes what is displayed on radio. The options are artist, track name, or album. Press and hold the display button to lock in the current mode.
7. Tune/Display knob will track up or down when turned

1. Select AUX by pressing BAND until AUX comes up
2. There are no other buttons neeeded to push for the sound to go through the factory radio

To select a source when using 2 sources, you can push the BAND button.For example it will be FM1, FM2, AM, IPOD, IPOD, FM1, FM2, AM, XM1, XM2, FM1 etc

The firmware in yoru ipod must be the latest revision to operate correctly. Go to and check your revision with iPod update

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