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Navigation > AutoToys  >   ** i-VW-R VW Volkswagen iPod Auxiliary Interface by DICE ELECTRONICS (VW AUDI AUX AND IPOD ADAPTER)
** i-VW-R VW Volkswagen iPod Auxiliary Interface by DICE ELECTRONICS (VW AUDI AUX AND IPOD ADAPTER) #9883
** i-VW-R VW Volkswagen iPod Auxiliary Interface by DICE ELECTRONICS (VW AUDI AUX AND IPOD ADAPTER) Dice Electronics i-VW-R
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5 VOLT VERSION - Now marked AWR

VW Ipod auxiliary adapter by Dice Electronics. The I-VW-R is the BEST Ipod converter for your Volkswagen! State of the art ipod integration kit for your Volkswagen. Compatible with a range of VW cars. Full control Ipod kit, plugs in. Everything in a complete kit. One of the best ipod kits available. Fast shipping, authorized dealer for the I-VW-R

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Detailed Description


Just buy adapter and we'll include the cradle for free! $70.00 value


Selectable operation modes:

Simple control mode: Full controls are vailable from Ipod and simple browsing from car radio, no text display support on radio screen (ideal for radios without CD text display)

Locked Mode: Full controls are available from radio only, text display on radio only (ideal with radios with text display)

DICE mode: Text display AND full controls available on both the ipod and radio (compatible with 5th gen and EARLIER ipods models only)

adapter for your VW or other IPOD adapters, click here

If you prefer to wire your ipod adapter at the prewired 12 pin rectangular plug in your car, see the I-VW-T here

The DICE I-VW-R is a State of the art ipod integration kit for your car! Controls directly from your factory radio, tons of features.

-Charges Ipod
-Plugs into the bottom port of any dockable ipod
-Radios supporting CD Text will display text from your ipod (not all radios can do this) Radios allowing CD text will allow you to view song title and artist name right on the radio display.
-Unlimited playlists
-Plug and play with custom connectors tailored for your specific model
-Clickwheel remains unlocked
-Does not disable any factory internal CDs or internal CD changers, everything works normally
-Steering wheel controls supported on most models*

DUAL MODE via dipswitches.
  • DICE MODE is best selected when controls from both the Ipod and radios are both desired. This unit will not disable Ipod controls. On your ipod, you will see a DICE logo followed by a series of ipod initialization screens for a few seconds before the familiar iPod user interface returns
  • SIMPLE MODE - Simple ipod mode is best selected when text display is not supported by the radio. Track numbers are times are not synchronized between the ipod and radio. Because there is less data transfer between the Ipod and radio, this mode has the fastest response time.

    vw ipod

There are 2 integration kits available for your car.

The i-VW-R kit connects through the CD-changer port on the back of the radio and also allows to retain factory satellite radio on most vehicles. This kit does not support text-display, however keeps any iPod charged and open for direct control, including radio/steering wheel control. Note that the i-VW-R kit is used for some Audi vehicles as well and all Audi vehicles equipped with factory navigation. On Audi vehicles using the i-VW-R, satellite radio is disabled.

Make Model Year Part Number Compatible Radios Limitations
Volkswagen Beetle Conv. 04-08 i-VW-R All 1,2
Volkswagen Beetle 03-08 i-VW-R All 1,2
Volkswagen EOS 06-08 i-VW-R All 1,2
Volkswagen Golf GTI/R32 02-08 i-VW-R All 1,2
Volkswagen Jetta 02-09 i-VW-R All 1,2
Volkswagen Passat 02-08 i-VW-R All 1,2
Volkswagen Rabbit 06-08 i-VW-R All 1,2
Volkswagen Touareg 04-08 i-VW-R All 1,2
Note: 1-Factory satellite must be disconnected on 2008+ models. Wiring harness may be modified to retain the factory satellite on 2007 and older models. Diagram available upon request.
Note: 2-External CD changer must be disconnected
Note: All - No text supported.

To select this, PICK "VW-SAT" from drop down menu when ordering

The i-Audi/VW-SAT kit connects through the satellite radio ports on the satellite radio module itself, running through satellite-emulation. With this kit, factory satellite radio is retained and operable by simply disconnecting the iPod. In SMART mode, this kit supports text-display and keeps iPod open for direct control, including radio/steering wheel control. All iPod models begin charging when plugged in.
Make Model Year Part Number Compatible Radios Limitations
Volkswagen Beetle 04-09 i-Audi/VW-SAT Requires SAT function 1,2
Volkswagen EOS 06-09 i-Audi/VW-SAT Requires SAT function 1,2
Volkswagen Golf GTI/R32 05-09 i-Audi/VW-SAT Requires SAT function 1,2
Volkswagen Jetta 05-09 i-Audi/VW-SAT Requires SAT function 1,2
Volkswagen Passat 05-09 i-Audi/VW-SAT Requires SAT function 1,2
Volkswagen Rabbit 06-09 i-Audi/VW-SAT Requires SAT function 1,2
Volkswagen Touareg 05-08 i-Audi/VW-SAT Requires SAT function 1,2
Note: 1-Text supported, vehicle's radio must support SAT function.
Note: 2-Allows for SAT retention.


Comes with installation instructions.

The DICE ipod kit allows you to control your ipod songs depending on which DISC you have selected.
For example, if you select DISC 3, the next button on your radio will select NEXT ALBUM and so on.


Selecting DISC 5 and then pressing the next track or previous track button will toggle between the Ipod and the AUXILIARY port. AUX device support does not include controls from the radio or charging. While DISC 5 track 1 indicates that the iPod is selected, the track 2 indicicates that the AUX is select. This allows you to easily toggle back and forth.

The auxiliary input has settings for gain, bass and treble in order to optimize sound. Gain should be adjusted if the input level from the auxiliary device is too low or too high. If you hear distorted audio while playing the auxiliary device, you need to reduce (-) the gain setting. If you notice the audio is too quiet while listening to an auxiliary device, the gain setting should be increased (+). Default settings are 50, 68 is default for gain and the values can be adjusted between 01-99
In addition to these settings, when listening to the aux device you can adjust the gain, the bass, the mid and the treble settings. The disc 1-4 modes select what function your next previous/next previous bittons will have. This unit comes with control for your Ipod and also charges the Ipod. Direct sound into your factory radio. Also has a 3.5mm small microphone jack auxiliary port for your car video, carpc or other audio accessory (we sell 3.5mm headphone to 3.5mm cables and 3.5 to rca cables, see related accessories)

Extension cables are available, see RELATED ACCESSORIES

-- See our optional DICE cradles which are in stock

support ipods for car ipod adapter
Get the DICE Cradle to hold your ipod in place here, compatible with this kit (buy it here)
Supported iPods and Firmwares

Must have FW version 2.3. Does not support Albums/Chapters. FF/RW Does not work from radio
Must have FW version 3.1.1
Must have FW version 1.2.1
Must have FW version 1.1.1
Must have FW version 1.1.1
Must have FW version 1.4.1

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