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* Best Keyless Entry System with 2 Remotes, Onboard Relays (cheapest) #19877
* Best Keyless Entry System with 2 Remotes, Onboard Relays (cheapest) Generic DLR3V

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Best KEYLESS entry for the price.
Ergonomic easy to use remote controls with chrome accents

Two 3 button Remotes
Door lock and unlock through remote
1 aux output channel
Built in Relay
+ / - Flashing parking light output to flash your parking lights when locking and unlocking
Car Finder mode
2 On board relays for doorlocks (hard to find with this option)
Siren output (just buy a siren from our siren section to add a siren to this unit)
Long wire harness

Windows OUTPUT wire (-) for window modules
Door lock pulse jumper, 1 sec or 4 seconds.

Built in relays for doorlocks can be used for adding doorlock actuators.


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    * Best Keyless Entry System with 2 Remotes, Onboard Relays (cheapest) 29.00

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