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GROM Volvo 01-06 (S60, V70, XC70,S40) GROM iPod Adapter Direct Interface V4 (VOL01I4 IPD4) #18468
GROM Volvo 01-06 (S60, V70, XC70,S40)  GROM iPod Adapter Direct Interface V4 (VOL01I4 IPD4) GROM VOL01I4

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There are some options to select with this product
Bluetooth , Aux , Ipod Options


The newest adapter from Grom with built in Android and Iphone support. No additional specialized Grom ipod cable is required anymore for operation for newer lightning plug devices. Simply plug in your original Apple usb cable into the USB port and you are ready to go! Built in Android support via USB. Please note: This is the IPD4 version adapter and does not support USB thumbdrives/HardDrives. If you need support for USB thumbdrives, please see the GROM USB2/3/4 devices we also carry!



iPod/iPhone/iPad Integration via USB

iPod/iPhone/iPad Integration via USB
Connect, play and charge iPod/iPhone/iPad
Control with car stereo or steering wheel button*
Original Apple usb cable required to usb port (not included)

Android integration via USB

Android integration via USB
Connect, play, charge Android device
Control with car stereo or steering wheel buttons
Manage your tunes with free Google Android App

OPTIONAL (SOLD SEPARATELY): Bluetooth Streaming and Handsfree Dongle

OPTIONAL (SOLD SEPARATELY): Bluetooth Streaming and Handsfree Dongle
In hands free mode: accept & reject phone calls, voice dial
Bluetooth Audio streams directly from your phone to the stereo
Use drop down to add bluetooth option

OPTIONAL (SOLD SEPARATELY): Bluetooth Streaming and Handsfree Dongle Text display on compatible radios which can display text*
*Text Display - Text display is available for select stereos only. The text is supported when the GROM kits are used with the iPod/iPhone with the iPod cable, Android with MicroUSB cable
The titles are not supported via Bluetooth wireless audio streaming (A2DP) unless otherwise specified.Please check individual product listing for more specific information on functionality.
Text compatible stereos include some of BMW, Toyota, Nissan/Infiniti (in SAT emulation), Honda/Acura (in SAT emulation), Subaru (in SAT emulation), Mazda (in SAT emulation). 
OPTIONAL (SOLD SEPARATELY): Bluetooth Streaming and Handsfree Dongle Direct controls from factory radio (and most steering wheel controls)
OPTIONAL (SOLD SEPARATELY): Bluetooth Streaming and Handsfree Dongle

Optional accessories via drop down in description

1. 3.5 Aux Cable (no USB charging)
2. 3.5 Aux cable with USB charging
3. Bluetooth only
4. Bluetooth and 3.5 USB cable
5. Ipod 30 Pin (non lightning cable)
6. Bluetooth and Ipod 30 pin lightning cable
7: HD RADIO add on separately (requires a port!)
* This unit can use original Apple cables in the USB port (not included)

Android in-car integration: Android Phone play, control and charge. If you have an Android Phone or Tablet (including but not limited to Samsung Galaxy or Note line, HTC One, Google Nexus and others) you can integrate it to your car stereo. Play the music, control it via car stereo or steering wheel buttons, and charge while in car - all with the standard MicroUSB to USB cable. There are no extra cables required. You will plug the MicroUSB cable to the USB port of GROM USB unit directly.
Android integration requires AALinQ Android App, available FREE at Google Play Store

USB streaming for select Android devices with Jelly Bean and up software is available without AALinQ.

iPod, iPhone, iPad car integration: Connect your Apple device to the factory car stereo via GROM USB port. Play music, control from car stereo or steering wheel, and charge at the same time. Use standard USB to Apple charge and sync connector cable (including Lightning style). All iPod, iPhone, iPad are compatible, invcluding latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You do NOT need to buy the Grom ipod cable unless you want the dedicated grom "30 pin old style" cable. Original apple USB cable is not included.

Bluetooth add-on (sold separately): Make a hands free phone calls (HFP), stream music from your phone to the factory stereo via Bluetooth Audio playback (A2DP), control your music with the car stereo or steering wheel controls via Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP)

AUX Input (sold separately): Aux connection (for any additional audio source such as DVD, MP3 player, XM and more) plus 5V charging cable

IPD4 Connection Diagram

Q / A:

Q: What are the differences between this "IPD4" and the "USB" version of the Grom adapter
A: The IPD4 is Ipod and Android direct only. The USB Grom model #s will have capability to read USB thumbdrives and harddrives also. We also sell "aux" versions of these adapters if you need only a simple 3.5 headphone aux adapter.

Q: If I want bluetooth calling and streaming, what else?
A: The bluetooth is an option and can be selected and added/paid for via the drop down selection in the product description

Q:I need cables. What is available?
A: 3.5 only cables (no usb charging), 3.5 cables with USB charging for headphone jack, and Ipod 30 pin (large dock connector) cables are available via the drop down in the product description. If you need to plug in any other devices through headphone jacks, make sure to add and select these cables when ordering

Q: What about firmware and warranty?
A: We are an authorized dealer and our stock is fresh always. We stock the newest units with the newest firmwares. You also get a full warranty and tech support buying from us

Q: What about installation videos?
A: We have over 350+ Installation videos in our youtube channel. If your own a car which we did an install in, when you buy from us, you can ask for the "customer only" uncut video to help you complete your install. This is your advantage when you buy from

Q: What if I dont need all these features or need more features?
A: We sell every single brand on the market, and we can help you. Look for other products in the same department as this or email us for help! We can get you fitted

Q: How do I know if my car is compatble?
A: Compatible cars, years and radio models are listed under the application tab and product description. Review this or email us for additional help if you need it

Q: What are the differencse between your products and fm transmitters
A: Our products are DIRECT. They do not work through the FM channel. It offers a full frequency response spectrum vs muffled FM transmitters and it offers full control from your factory radio controls.

Q: What happened to IPD2 and IPD3 adapters?
A: Ipd 2 and Ipd3 converters are discontinued. Most newer iphones uses lightning dock so this device allows you to use your original apple USB cable to plug in, and save you the cost of buying the 30 pin Grom ipod cable

Q: How do I switch between AUX/iPod/Bluetooth ?
If using iPod mode then iPod will pause automatically once bluetooth is activated
If AUX mode is used, you need manually pause AUX device when iPod or Bluetooth is activated as AUX is a manual audio source



Automotive grade USB extension cable with latch-style connectors
Operating Temperature: -40C - +85 C (-50F - 200 F)
Operating current: ~220mA 
Standby current: ~1mA 
SN Ratio: 95dB
DAC resolution: NA 
Distortion: < 0.01%
Dimensions: W / H / D - 60* 73 * 20 mm
Weight: 60g 
Enclosure: white metal

GROM Volvo 94-00 GROM iPod Adapter Direct Interface V4 (VOL94I4 IPD4)) #18467 (more) $110.00
* GROM USB3-VOL VOLVO (2001-2006) USB IPOD MP3 Android Bluetooth AUXILIARY INTERFACE (VIA USB) #14272 (more) $119.95

Look at our VIDEOS! We are REAL INSTALLERS. Authorized Dealer

Volvo S80 Grom USB Android Iphone Aux by

Volvo V70 install with USB version, Bluetooth, Iphone 5 and Android Nexus 3.5

VOLVO S80 Install with BLUETOOTH and Iphone

VOLVO S60 Install with BLUETOOTH and AUX

Options included, use drop down

1. No Bluetooth : Ipod Only
2. Ipod and Aux Jack (ipod and 3.5/rca secondary input jack cable)
3. Bluetooth and Ipod (you get bluetooth and ipod). Bluetooth kit will be included
4. Bluetooth, Aux, and Ipod

iPod/iPhone Integration: Connect your iPod/iPhone to the car stereo. Control music files with the car stereo or steering wheel controls, browse by folders and files, and charge your iPod/iPhone.

Bluetooth: Use your phone in the car hands free (HFP), stream your MP3 music from your phone to the factory stereo via Bluetooth Audio playback (A2DP), control your MP3 music with the car stereo or steering wheel controls via Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP) with the GROM Bluetooth Dongle (OPTIONAL: USE DROP DOWN MENU TO ORDER)

AUX Input: AUX connection for any additional audio source (such as DVD, MP3 player, XM and more via GROM to RCA and 3.5mm AUX cable (OPTIONAL: USE DROP DOWN MENU TO ORDER)

Where it connects: The adapter plugs into the back of your stereo (or in the trunk where trunk cables available), then you connect it to your iPod and enjoy crystal clear sound and full control over iPod with the car stereo controls!

Operation of the iPod/iPhone:

* Get CD quality sound from the iPod through existing car stereo
* Control and operate your iPod with car stereo buttons or steering wheel controls
o Convert iPod into virtual CD changer
o Disc 1 allow to control iPod from its own clicking wheel and from the stereo controls
o Disc 2-6 mapped to playlists you create on iPod. Full control from car stereo. The following information is displayed: Disc #, Track #, time etc
o MIX, REPEAT work as usual
o SCAN allow to skip +-10 tracks for faster navigation
o Playlist positions are preserved for fast operation
* Shuffle songs, switch between tracks, playlists and adjust volume - all by using head unit controls
* Charge iPod/iPhone


Volvo S60 2000-2009
Volvo V70 2001-2007
Volvo S80 2000-2006
Volvo XC70 2002-2007
Volvo S40 2001-2003
Volvo S40 2004-2004 (no integrated climate/radio/phone controls)

Older VOLVOs and C70 Volvos, click here to see VOL94 adapter

iPod Compatibility

4th Gen iPod and newer / Nano 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th Gen and Nano-chromatic / iPod Video / iPod Photo / iPod Classic 1st and 2nd Gen / iPod Touch 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen / iPhone / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4G

Package contents

- Car stereo adapter in plastic enclosure
- OEM compatible harness to connect to the back of the car stereo
- Black iPod dock in cable - 5FT
- Installation manual
Optional: GROM to RCA and 3.5mm AUX cable
Optional: Bluetooth Dongle


Firmware updates:You can update the firmware via micro SD card. The adapter is universal and fits many car makes.
Important: Please carefully check the compatibility list for your vehicle. You can also check the CD changer port at the back of your stereo and compare it to the following chart

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GROM Volvo 01-06 (S60, V70, XC70,S40) GROM iPod Adapter Direct Interface V4 (VOL01I4 IPD4) 110.50

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