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Mobridge Preamp Da1000 Mercedes Benz M1000mda1psh1 #16059
mObridge Preamp DA1000 MERCEDES BENZ M1000MDA1PSH1 Mobridge DA1000

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Now shipping in configurations for Porsche, BMW, Audi, MB!

The mObridge preamp is designed to seamlessly integrate into the MOST bus system and interface into the audio digital data stream to allow any aftermarket amplifier to be added to your audio system without the need to use ‘Hi to Lo’ audio converters. The mObridge preamp interface operates on a digital level and does not introduce unwanted noise levels and harmonic distortions that an analog converter hooked into the existing wiring of the vehicle would give you. The piece connects into the MOST bus vehicle system without having to cut into the speaker wiring of your premium vehicle.

The mObridge preamp gives the user complete control over volume, fade, balance, treble, bass and equalization settings. Utilizing a state of the art powerful 400 MHz Digital Signal Processor, the mObridge preamp is able to take advantage of the digital domain space and provide the user with complete control for the existing vehicles interfaces such as the BMW idrive.

* Digital S/PDIF "TOSLINK" (PCM 2channel stream) output.
* High performance Digital Signal Processor.
* Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance, and Equalization control.
* External Amplifier power control.
* SD card user settings file.
* SD card firmware upgradeable.
* Single unit is configurable across multiple vehicles.
* Seamless Audison Bit One integration.

* DA1000 unit
* Optic-fiber patch harness (use as needed, may not be needed in all configurations/installations)
* Power/wiring loom (power, ground, remote amp trigger, and "MOST valet" input)
* (1) Fiber-optic bypass loop for bypassing existing factory MOST units such as factory amplifier

* mObridge DA1000 Preamp supports the following vehicles.

Please refer to detailed Application/Fitment Guide for full details of vehicle compatiblity and kit part numbers.


A4,S4 (2008-2009*) w/MMI high/Navi (MOST)
A5,S5 (2008-2009*) w/MMI high/Navi (MOST)
A6 (2006-2009*)
A8 (2004-2010*)

*Not yet compatible with new "MMI 3G MOST" system, which is applied starting many 09.5 (mid-model-year or "minor model" year changes).


1 Series (2005-2009*)
3 Series (E9x) (2005-2009*)
M3 (2007-2009*)
[*2010 1-series and 3-series pending]
5 Series/M5 (2004-2010)
6 Series/M6 (2005-2010)
X5 (2007-2010)
X6 (2007-2010)
7 Series (2002-2009)


A-Class (2004-2008)
B-Class (2004-2008)
C-Class (2005-2007)
CL (2004-2006)
CLK (2005-2009)
CLS (2004-2008)
E-Class (2003-2008)* [pending]
G-Class (2007-2008)
GL-Class (2006-2008)
ML-Class (2006-2008)
R-Class (2006-2008)
S-Class (2004-2006)
SL (2004-2008)
SLK (2005-2008)


R56 (MkII) coupe/clubman (2007-2009*)
R57 (MkII) convertible (2009*)

*2010 MINI models pending.


Boxster (2003-2009*)
Cayman (2006-2009*)
Cayenne (2004-2008)
996/997 (911 all) (2003-2008)

*not compatible with new CDR30 radio or new PCM3 at this time, if vehicle is so equipped (these new radios may apply to late-production 2009 Boxster and Cayman models).


All (2003-2010)

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mObridge Preamp DA1000 MERCEDES BENZ M1000MDA1PSH1 688.00

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