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    32161 products online
    International orders
    International shipping policies:
    (last edit 4-06-2006) [changes noted in footnotes]
    These terms may be changed or revised at any time without notice. In the future, you may change these terms for any revisions by clicking on the INTERNATIONAL TERMS titled link.

    The Shipping and Handling fees are NON NEGOTIABLE and we are shipping

    We are now shipping again Internationally.

    UPS ONLY (or US postal (US POSTAL will have LONG DELAYS in processing!). We have a significant *handling* charge on all International orders because of the extra work involved to process an order, risk and other factors. Review the shipping/handling charge for agreement before you submit an order.
    Please take note of shipping/handling totals during checkout (REGISTER FIRST).

    • Register first. If your country is not listed on the registration stage, we cannot complete your order.
    • Login
    • Add your product to the shopping cart
    • Shipping and handling will be displayed in the first stages of the checkout process. Review and agree to prices.
      Please note: DUTIES, TAXES, VATS and the shipping company custom clearing fees are not included in 'our' shipping and handling. You will be responsible for all duties, taxes, vats, and clearing fees (if any) once the package reaches your destination port.

    By placing any International order on our site, you agree to the conditions and terms listed below (in addition to our standard terms of service).Please read these conditions carefully so you know how your International order will be handled.

    ** We have suspended shipping outside the US except for a handful of countries, if you do not see your country listed when you try to register, we probably cannot serve you. In addition, even if you see your country listed, we are selecting to receive orders on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to refuse any order, and if you prepay, your order may be cancelled and refunded if at a later date choose not to process/accept your order. **

    Do we accept International orders

    Yes, we will accept international orders with a few rules.

    1. We will require payment from a paypal account only. Countries which provide a confirmed address must show a confirmed address when ordering via paypal. We will not accept any International Credit cards directly.
    2. You can also prepay the order with a check made out in US dollars with the shipping amount included in the total. This check has to be mailed to us prior to shipping.
    3. We charge 'at least' $15.00 US on top of the actual shipping cost for the special handling and form processing of International orders. Rest assured, if you require a $20.00 part, we usually can get it shipped US mail for about $50.00 or less.

    DELAYS: Read before you place your order
    Effective immediately, all International orders except for address confirmed Canadian and PR orders will go through a 'confirmation processing' stage. This may take up to a week, and we may require further information from you to process your order. Even orders with confirmed addresses may undertake this process. Please modify your schedule to include the process.

    Shipping method:
    If the original selected shipping method is not available in your country, we will change your shipping method.
    Also, if the original estimated cart total quoted at does not include the actual shipping cost, we reserve the right to downgrade the shipping method.
    Our first priority is to ship with a way to confirm/track the package and to insure to package.

    Unfortunately, with US POSTAL MAIL, not all options can be combined with insurance and/or tracking/confirmation. We may have to downgrade your shipping option to accomodate shipping/tracking and insurance. This may extend the time for delivery sometimes by several weeks. For example, in some countries, insurance is only available with registered mail (this is almost the slowest method), so we must change the shipping method to registered mail to ship. If speed is a primary concern, we strongly encourage you to use UNITED PARCEL SERVICE (UPS) worldwide services as your shipping method. It is guaranteed within a certain time and do not carry such restrictions.

    Delays -- Processing time
    1. Because International orders require special forms. There will be delays in processing of 'all' International orders. In some cases, we need to verify the origin of the manufacturer with each product in the order. Custom forms need to be filled out, etc.
    2. Postal mail is the least expensive method for us to ship a product.

    Keep in mind, with the lesser price comes more transit time. It is not uncommon for our US postal shipments to take up to 5-8 weeks for delivery or more. We have shipped Global Priority packages which is described to 7-10 days when we check on the US MAIL web site, but takes up to 3-4 weeks for delivery for some reason. The range is up and down, we can send a package to an APO address. It will be delivered in 2 days, but we have sent things to APO addresses which seem to be on ships or overseas and those packages take much much longer to be delivered.

    1. All UPS (United Parcel Service) packages will include tracking information from Point A to Point B and in between
    2. US mail (except for global express/more expensive) will not have tracking. We occasionally request signature cards, delivery confirmations and registered mail to confirm delivery. However, there is no real easy way to track a package. For packages which have been delayed for an exceptional amount of time, we have found our local post office has worked with us in the past to track it electronically (it just shows it is still in the system and in transit)... but we really do not want to bother them because in all cases, the packages are just very slow to reach their final destination with US mail.

    1. All UPS packages are insured, claims are filled almost immediately. We never lost an International package in 8 years time.
    2. All USPS packages are insured. However if, a package DOES get lost, (it happened to us maybe 2 times in 8 years)-- with International APO/AE boxes, etc, the USPS postmaster in our area tells us that it is required to wait at least 30-45 days before filing a claim (expect to give them time to deliver a package). KEEP THIS IN MIND. We cannot reship or refund BEFORE the claim is finalized with US MAIL. You agree to this when you place an International order with US POSTAL MAIL

    1. All of our products are designed for the US market and US cars only
    2. We cannot guarantee compability of our products with NON US cars or NON us applications. YOU ARE TAKING THAT RISK, in all likelihood, the cars will be the same as US versions, but who knows what the manufacturer has up their sleeves.
    3. If you are buying a radio or radar, make sure the US frequencies are the same for your country. They are NOT adjustable. Also, all of our car video and home products are for the US market, NTSC. Some are PAL compatible, but look for these specific tags inside the product description.

    1. All duties, vats, brokerage fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Everything is shipped FREIGHT ON BOARD UNITED STATES. We do not know what the duties, vats, etc are. The buyer is responsible for the total of any duties,taxes or vats.
    2. All prices are in US dollars. We DO NOT know what the exchange rate is at. The US dollar is used to rate all currencies, we will not know what the exchange rate is for an island xyz with a population of 500. But I can guarantee you that the bank on that 500 population island knows what the dollar is worth to your currency.
    3. See notes below on brokerage fees for the carrier towards the bottom of this article (10-25-04)

    Defectives and rejection of orders
    1. There may be restictions on some products to certain countries, if it is the case, we will inform you, give you an option to buy something else or substitute and then refund if we cannot come to any other purchase order.
    2. Defective exchanges are the BUYERS responsibility. You will be responsible for ALL warranty repairs/exchanges shipment cost in the warranty period to and from your country (both ways) to us or a manufacturer repair center.

    If paying through paypal, we will make another payment request for the shipping charges. Once paid, we'll begin processing your order.

    Please note: If you are going to use UNITED PARCEL SERVICE or FEDEX, there will be BROKERAGE fees for CUSTOMS clearing,

    VATS and TAXES which are additional and paid on delivery into your country.

    UPS will clear customs for you electronically, this fee is paid by the customer unless you clear it yourself, also they will collect the VATS/TAXES due on your package (if applicable) - these fees UPS charges are not for the ACTUAL SHIPPING (transit from the US to your COUNTRY). It is for services from your (1) border/customs to (2) your doorstep.

    Please do not ask us to declare any shipments as gift, sample, or less than the actual value. We will not do this. We will always declare your cost paid for products except for warranty issues. This is also a requirement for insurance if applicable. (10-25-04)

    If you have any questions, call UPS for clarification if you've never ordered anything with UPS as a shipper. (5-21-04)

    ** we reserve the right to publish and print your listed telephone # on the outside of parcel boxes. The objective of printing the telephone # is to provide the carrier a way to reach you in case of delivery issues. Most of the time, it can be solved quite easily. (11-24-04)

    if you can register, register first and the shipping/handling fees are shown during the first phases of checkout cart

    more on NON-UPS shipments | Our terms and conditions of site use/orders
    go to your shopping cart now or to checkout

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