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    About us

    We have been an online business for a very long time

    Since we wrote this, there has been some challenge to the statements below. Note, we have been "ONLINE" for 18+ years, but we have been installing for 24+ years. So this goes WAY BACK.



    Installers are no longer made the same way. Installers of the past worked with their hands and their brains.

    We started 18+ years ago (installing for more than 24 years, see http://www.autotoys.com/tech).
    BEFORE alarms had WIRELESS remotes, alarms had a key in the fender which you turned

    We started BEFORE CDs in cars. Before the CD changers. (yes before CD CHANGERS) and CDs. There were no CDs in cars when we started.

    We started BEFORE Remote Starts (Yes, BEFORE REMOTE STARTS, Crimestopper was first, we were onboard)

    We started BEFORE CD changers and Mp3s (Yes, BEFORE Mp3s, even before the WMA standard. Before Mp3 was in a CAR!)

    We started BEFORE there was a DASH KIT and WIRING HARNESS FOR EVERY TYPE OF CAR. (Every type of car, we were making kits and harnesses for some)

    We started BEFORE there were amp bypasses, WE had to FIGURE IT OUT! (Yes, we figured it out)

    We started BEFORE there was immobilizer bypasses and data kits, we did it WITH WIRE! and RELAYS! (Some challenged us and said Immobilizers started in 2000, LOL! We were in there since the BEGINNING, see our tech section at http://www.autotoys.com/tech -- GO WORK IN A 1998 HONDA ACCORD with Immobilizer or how about a 1997 BMW 3 series. Yes, we were there since the BEGINNING!

    We started BEFORE tech databases, without manuals, EVERYTHING we did, WE TESTED with meters and found out how wires worked. We reverse ENGINEERED EACH AND EVERY CAR! There was no TECH LINE, no database of wire colors. We had to figure out each and every car. When there were trade installation magazines for auto alarms and remote starts, 3/4 of the the installation tech wires submitted were submitted by us! (no lie! We had thank you notes from 12 volt installation tech submissions because no one else could figure out the cars)

    We worked on data controlled buses before anyone understood them.

    We also did DEALER and RETAIL jobs. HIGH VOLUME projects with every car manufacturer on the market. Every model, every car!


    US: 10-20 cars a day
    THEM: 1 car MAYBE a day
    US: remote start and car alarm in 15 mins in a car
    THEM: Remote start, no experience installers, MAYBE 1 or 2 DAYS!
    US: Installing every type of 12 volt accessory into a car, in any location
    THEM: Who knows!

    We have worked in "THOUSANDS OF CARS" - All types of installations.

    And you know what? We've kept up with technology, we are CAR SAVVY, BUSINESS SAVVY, COMPUTER SAVVY and we are HANDY - and - SMART PROBLEM SOLVING INDIVIDUALS. This counts when you need our help picking a product, or need help after a sale!

    *** This counts when you "NEED SUPPORT" for your purchase, BEFORE purchase, AFTER purchase.

    We know our products and we offer you our entire wealth of knowledge. Do not buy from just "sales people"
    They have no idea what works for your car, or even how to install it in your car!

    WHO DO YOU TRUST? 17+ YEARS!! 24+ years installing!

    We have been an online business for an extraordinarily long time. We started back in 1994, over 17 years ago! To give you a perspective, our first web page were hosted on GNN, a division of AOL that provided Internet service. At the time, we started, AOL did not even have Internet access – that is how far back we go.

    Our focus was to provide an online shopping experience for anyone that loves their cars. People think their cars are an extension of their personality. Adding a new car radio or accessory helps determine your character just like the model of the car you drive. We are here to help you with that.

    Our mission, provide an online shopping experience that is an easy, no hassle shopping experience which you can experience 24 hours a day. Provide a variety of products and make sure you can get everything you need in one order (such as, dash kits, and harnesses to go along with your new car radio). Most importantly, everything has to be discounted and to provide information to give you an informed buying experience.

    When we started over 17 years ago, we started some trends which may seem commonplace today. We sent customers emails advising them of the status of their orders. We sent tracking #s on shipments (yes, believe it or not, this was RARE 15 years ago). We actually REPLIED to emails (our main channel of communication) and answered every email. Believe it or not, not everyone was connected to the Internet when we started. A company that were  doing business on the web were taking 4-5 or even more than a week to respond to emails if EVER (and this was true for even the largest corporations in the Fortune 500). We did it within hours. You were shopping for something, you needed answers, you did not want to talk to someone on the phone, and we give you instant answers via emails.

    There have been several phases in the car audio and automotive accessory business. At every phase, our company has been quick to react. We are “early adopters” of every kind of technology and trend. If it is hot, and it looks like it is something you will need, we will try to get it to you and at a much discounted price. The best products and we are the best choice.

    We offer an online tech area (http://www.autotoys.com/tech) that highlights all of our installs. We are real installers. We work in cars. We know how to interface products in cars. We know the products. The hundreds and hundreds of photos we have online show PROVE that we actually work in cars and know what we are talking about. It proves we know what we are selling. Why is this relevant? Because when you have a question before or after your sale, you need someone that can answer your question. “Sales” people just cannot provide this kind of service. Shopping around? Ask the “SALES PERSON” if they are an installer, how long have they been installing, are they MECP certified, when the last time they worked in a car was. I bet you the answers you will get are shocking. Do not take this chance; buy from real 12 volt certified installers.

    We pay for and integrate a lot of technology into our site. We have invest and reinvest a lot of money into the technology for our site to make things that much easier and automated. This saves you money and provides you info on each step of our sale.

    - Our order process shows you a processed state with an email, it will show you a completed state with an email. We will email you with a tracking #, we will email you when a return is exchanged, we will email you when a return is refunded, and we will email you when your card is declined. When there is a hold on your order, you will receive an email with instructions and advising you how to proceed.

    - If you ever need to make a defective exchange, we have a dedicated forum which provides up to date status. Just look it up by your last name and first initial, you will also receive an email. This keeps you up to date

    - We offer an online forum; you can ask us questions there. We also post valuable info on updates, firmware upgrades and tech tips on products. This is exclusive. We provide the missing photos from our tech section in our forums

    - We offer a complete email ticket tracking system. It audits and tracks every email coming from you. If you write from the same email address, it will put all the emails together. You can also check your emails online and all replies without even opening up an email program. We respond to all emails within hrs, sometimes within minutes. We respond to all emails 7 days a week, around the clock and even on holidays. We offer our customers with different priorities which identifies and classifies the email as urgent. If you write more than one email, we can see all your earlier emails in a history via a single click. If you ever talk to us in online chat, we can see your emails and online chat in a history. This avoids confusion, streamlines the communication process and makes things easy for you.

    - We offer you 24 hr online status. Just log in, to check your order.

    - We offer Regular and International shipping. Everything is automatic. Just register and add the item to cart to see your total.

    - We offer a variety of coupons to save you money, just enter the coupons in the coupon area and that is it, money saved and back in your pocket.

    - We offer FAST checkout options like GOOGLE CHECKOUT and PAYPAL. If you do not have either one of the accounts, you can still use the options since it uses your regular credit card – or if you prefer, you can just select REGULAR checkout and use your credit card directly through our server.

    - We feature a blog which list the latest news and product offerings from our company.

    - We offer you a wishlist feature, you can add products to your wishlist and then come back and buy them. An personal bookmark feature.

    - We offer you a robust review and rating system. Just added, it should give you more information on products before purchase. You can also add your own reviews online, even add pictures and videos (all without registering)

    - We offer you a extremely powerful search engine. Just type what you need and our search engine will come back with some results. If you still need help, feel free to email us and experience our rapid response times.

    - We offer MCAFFEE HACKSAFE technology on our site.

    All of this is available at your fingertips.

    We started with a few dozen products (mainly car radios) 17 years ago, we have expanded to a few hundred and now we have a few thousand products online. Nothing has changed; we offer the same technology and service via our website 24 hrs a day. The same discounted prices and fanatical support. For some of our older customers, we have outfitted all of their cars, as many as 5-7 generations because of our longevity online presence.

    We hope to have you part of our family also, enjoy your shopping experience.

    Real Installers! See our Installs here

    Let us take you back to the 1990s and 2000 years. We have been installing for over 25 years, see some of our photos! Watch below.

    See what we have been doing lately


    Our Install Videos by Category Playlist
    All of our Ipod compatible interface installs
    PAC Isimple Installs
    Remote Start Installs
    Dension, Mobridge and Fiber optic Installs
    Honda & Acura Installs
    Grom Audio Interface Installs
    Blitzsafe, Dice, USA Spec, Vais Installs
    Toyota and Lexus Installs
    Interfaces with Bluetooth A2DP AVRCP installs
    German and European Car Installs
    Domestic Car Installs


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